Legendary Life Discovery Evaluation

Healthy Life Consultation

InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis

Blood Pressure Screening

Spinal & Posture Exam Orthopedic & Neurologic Screening

Flexibility, Coordination & Strength Evaluation



World-class hands-on attention to reduce stress, free the muscles and joints of accumulated tension, stimulate energy points to balance body functions, reduce nerve adhesions and improve circulation.


Our professional Chiropractors will help restore your body so it can heal itself naturally. True health is choosing to reset your muscles, joints, nerves, circulation and energy points to be as well as you can for as long as you can. Give yourself a scheduled timeout to relax, repair, and revive.


Stress is off the charts in our times. It destroys the body’s ability to adapt and thrive. It is not just the mental & emotional, there are also intense physical and chemical forces wreaking havoc. Enjoy the relaxation and precision of this ancient art to ease your body into a better state.


Our bodies need a pure, balanced, nutrient-rich, yet simple source of food and fuel on a consistent basis. A rhythm of eating sensibly, taking herbal nutrients and practicing seasonal cleansing is our path to greater nutritional health. If necessary, we prescribe supplements to enhance the nutrient base that all bodies need to function optimally.